All You Need is Red


I love red lips on a monochromatic outfit. It’s classic! It’s elegant! There’s nothing else needed! I fancied it so much that I had to get myself that one red lipstick that will add dimension to my ever growing boring style. You know what they say? You just gotta find the right shade for your skin tone which I did. Hooray!

So one day, I applied it on my bare lips and… hmmm something didn’t look right. Maybe my lips didn’t have the right shape? The lipstick was too red? Too bright? I don’t know. I just found myself rubbing the shade off a little each time. I thought I looked funny – laughable really. Perhaps red lips just didn’t suit me (sigh) until…. One night, I had a friend over and I was looking through her make up kit and saw a reddish type of lipstick. I tried it on for kicks. Lo and behold, I still looked funny! BUT, my friend said it looked great on me and I was like “Really? I look ridiculous!” “You’re just not used to it”, she replied.

Well, I’d like to think that I just do need to get used to it. So to my Red Lippie, I shall give you another chance (Better not fail me!).


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