The Vase


Woohoo! Typhoon Trami (a.k.a  Maring) finally left the country. Dear lord, this tropical storm loved it here so much, he stayed for four days! He kind of slacked off on his first day – visited the beaches we are so famous for maybe. Then came his 2nd or 3rd day – boy did he get to work… HARD.

I was frightened. He woke me up so early like he was saying “Feel my wrath! Just because I feel like it.” Asshole! One of his buddies truly caused us (my family and I – and I’m sure a whole bunch of others as well) to feel fearful of such a situation. Remember Padreng Ondoy? How can we forget the unwelcome visitor in our home? I’ll spare you the details as that is not really the point of this entry. Now what is my point?…. Oh yeah, every time typhoons like these pound the hell out of us, my mom would tell me to get everything valuable on high ground. Our vehicles of course are our top priority. I did manage to get those up, thank you very much. And one more thing – the vase that my mom specifically instructed me not to forget. Seriously! that was the one other item I so obediently brought up. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do more work than that.


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