Monday Workwear


December is probably the worst month for corporate employees. The luxury to say “Hmmm… I don’t feel like going to work today just because…” with no guilt or worry doesn’t exist – which is most unfortunate. I mean with all the lights, extra good cheer and the heartwarming Christmas songs playing on the radio, it must be harder to drag oneself to work. Add to that the stress that this month brings (yes I am talking about year-ends), and the extra horrible traffic to and from the office, I’m sure we are all wishing that the work universe would just stop and let us enjoy this jolly atmosphere.

But no, life has to go on and so does work. So to take away from this sad reality, here’s a workwear inspiration for you. Look good while miserable. Just kidding! There’s actually some good things about this month for company people. There’s the 13th month pay, freebies, gifts from co workers – it’s really not that bad. 😛


I love the androgynous feel of this look. don’t you? And did i ever tell you how fond I am of blazers?


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