A Belated Happy 2014!


I wasn’t sure if I was gonna do a New Year’s illustration BUT the senseless in me figured that if I wanted 2014 to be good to me, I should make a good start.

I contemplated on posting something non-illustration but I really want my first entry for this year to contain something that I drew.Β It’s almost like an offering. Oh 2014, I offer thee an original illustration of mine in the hope that you’ll shower me with good fortune. Unfortunately,Β I didn’t have time to draw until yesterday (what an excuse I know!) So this post has been looong awaited by me.

One thing that I want to rock this year is a short hairstyle. I’ve always believed that I won’t look good with short hair thus the fear. But who cares right? If I don’t end up rocking it then I can boldly say I did it. Besides it’ll grow back in time.Take that fear! Ya got nothing on me!

So yeah, this year is all about taking risks. It’s about failing if I have to, and getting back up every time.



4 thoughts on “A Belated Happy 2014!

  1. another nice post – this one and the one with Wander are the best. improving a lot πŸ™‚ keep it up

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