Selfie Time


My illustration has finally jumped on the bandwagon as inspired by the ever stylish Man Repeller.

The selfie… It makes me laugh saying it. I’m not exactly sure why. I’m pretty certain it has something to do with it being a fairly new term. It was added to the Oxford dictionary (which I had just discovered a few minutes ago via Google) just recently I think – a 21st century concoction for sure. So, I guess it’s taking a bit of getting used to for little ol’ me. Plus, the fact that I don’t have a smart phone to take selfles with (laughs inside) is not really helping. Yes, I have two phones and both are of the non QWERTY keyboard type which I prefer. It gets the job done. And no one would dare steal it! 🙂

But this whole photo app thing on modern phones today is making me think twice about getting one. I really like the effect it gives to the images taken from it. So well…. I might actually get into this whole selfie thing after all. Who knows?


4 thoughts on “Selfie Time

  1. Hahaha it’s funny how you managed to get that “selfie” word out of your mouth. Btw good job with the drawings!!… don’t forget my request :p

    1. Thank you! I might have to say it regularly for the next five years or so for me to not accompany it with a ridiculous facial expression or a mental quote end quote.

      please do send me a recent photo of your space.

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