Last Hooray for Layers


As we slowly step into summer, my long sleeves, jackets and the like will now have to take a back seat. I love the look of layered clothing (I’m sure I didn’t fail to mention several times before) and I will always wish for a longer period of cold weather in this country. Le sigh.

On another note, I have been painting using watercolors lately and all I can say is I am addicted! I love it! I am enjoying traditional painting much more than digital. And it’s so much more convenient for me! I can carry my paints and brushes with me everywhere as opposed to carrying my bulky printer-scanner machine and graphics tablet. And the fact that I have to scan my work to paint in Photoshop can be annoying. But I know some people feel the opposite.

What is your take?


5 thoughts on “Last Hooray for Layers

  1. The painting looks lovely! This is what I’m aiming for by trying to learn how to do fashion illustration. I’ve rarely ever used software to do my paintings – I see far too many computers in my job as a software developer, and can’t wait to get analog and feel the materials in my hands!

      1. thank you for the link to the “structure of man” course. It looks interesting! It is good that the first 5 hours or so are free. I’ll definitely be trying it to see how it goes. I’ll probably start on it after I finish running through my fashion illustration course in the next few weeks. Thanks again!!

      2. you’re welcome!

        i just realized how silly my ‘working with hands’ comment was. its not that you’re not using your hands with a computer! hahaha.

      3. haha! no, you weren’t being silly – you were right the first time. on the computer I’m obviously only using my fingers (and some of my brain), not my hands. It is good to be working with my hands when doing art πŸ™‚

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