Hats On!


… is summer essential #3. With the temperature this hot, you gotta have something to protect you. You may opt to carry an umbrella but the fedora is my choice for a very chic look in the city.

I remember being on the hunt for fedoras which led to several pieces in my closet. The story there was after buying, I came home to try it on and didn’t quite like it so I’d go buy another and it started a vicious cycle. I know. It’s pathetic and annoying. Weeeeelll… I really did go through that shopaholic phase I think. At the time, shopping filled that empty void inside of me. But wait, that is another story.

For now, please keep safe from the EXTRA harmful rays of the sun.


2 thoughts on “Hats On!

  1. Cool! (pun unintended!) I just wrote you a comment about a couple of sketches I did this afternoon ….. then I checked out your blog and saw this lovely painting. As you will see, the first sketch in my post also has a woman wearing a hat similar to this one! I just drew it from my imagination. Now that’s cool isn’t it? πŸ™‚

    1. indeed! drawing from imagination is one of the hardest in drawing for me. so i added it as a task in my daily drawing to do list.

      hope i (we) continue to improve!

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