I’m Back!!!

Didn’t think I was gonna be back, did you?! I know, it was a quite a hiatus and clearly inexcusable now that I think about it.

BUT just so you know, I never stopped drawing. I was drawing a good amount – the amount that made me want to pull my hair out often actually. It was a major STRUGGLE but well worth it, I gotta say! Ok, enough with the suspense.

What kept me busy for several months since my last post was this in-depth figure drawing course by Alien Think. If you are serious about learning how to draw people, I HIGHLY recommend that you take it. It’s not free but it’s well worth every penny.

He has a very effective teaching approach. VERY. Now, it can be a struggle (as I had mentioned) to go through the lessons because he’ll teach you how to draw every single bone and muscle in the human body but that’s the thing. It is the key to being able to draw a realistic, believable human figure. I’m all praises for this guy and am so grateful for coming across his course. So, I just want to share with you all to show just how much I appreciate him taking the time to make it.

Now, here are some sketches I did while going through his tutorials


First thing on the list was learning the core structure of the human body. Not so bad.

skeleton 2

Just one of the many skeletal studies (a.k.a the beginning of frustration)

skeleton 3

Inserting movement in my skeleton with arm and hand studies (my patience was tested.)

muscles 1

Muscles time proved to be even more frustrating (pulling my hair out).

muscles 2

At this stage, I was considering the thought of giving up. Just the thought! šŸ˜€

figures 1

Full figure with muscles intact and a break šŸ™‚


Time for gestures

gesture 2 gesture 3

Here is the site I go to when I want to do gesture drawings. Super helpful.

So, I may be far from being a pro but I did notice a significant improvement in my drawings as well as the time it takes me to draw. Achievement unlocked! Yay!


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