Some favourites from PFW

Sharing with you a few illustrations that I managed to whip up from the recently concluded Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week – which are a measly few. I wish I had drawn more! So much talent, it was overwhelming really. Let’s start off the list with Balenciaga.

BalenciagaI love the ethereal vibe to the whole collection. The two outfits above in particular, I imagine wearing at home (or at my imaginary rest house). Or maybe even at the beach! Naturally, my illustration was inspired by exactly that – lazying about indoors with goodies in hand. So fancy!

Another favourite is Chanel, of course.


You can always count on Karl Lagerfeld to put up quite a show. This year was no different, air travel being the theme. I did like most of the clothes especially how he layered and combined his pieces. Wow. Loved the idea of caps worn backwards on classic tweedy skirt suits and skirts worn over trousers (??). A combination that I enjoyed, surprisingly.

Lastly, we have Giambatista Valli. There was more to this collection that I liked but I decided to draw just one look set in a season that has arrived in other countries. My favourite season and one that I can only enjoy in my head. Crap.

Giambattista Valli

What drew me to this look in particular was the beautifully tailored coat dress (?) paired with a thin fabric scarf around the neck. Love it. Though, legs were bare at the show, I couldn’t resist putting tights on her. I placed her in Autumn after all which I imagine isn’t very ‘bare’ friendly. The only time I’ve ever come close to experiencing it was in Hong kong and, no, bare legs was not an option especially with an outfit that short.

So, there goes my short recap. I hope you enjoyed my artful renditions! Happy Monday to all!


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