(Some) favourites from NYFW

There are always way too many outfits than my hands can illustrate. I wanted to keep on sketching but NYFW has been over for many days now and I don’t want this post to come out too late. So here we go.


I love the idea of sweaters or coats paired with soft, flowy skirts. This is so my style! Can I just go live in Hong kong or something? 😦


Simple and understated with a side of hipster, which is also very me (the real me) most days. Ok. Mine could be a tad too simple and understated. But I could totally see myself in these outfits. Don’t you? 😉


The monochromatic theme and bias cuts had me here. Simple yet sophisticated.


Much like Narciso, I love the asymmetrical cuts in these clothes. Add loose-fitting to the description and I am SOLD. I am in that phase where most of what I want to wear are easy and slightly baggy clothes that I can just throw on at the last minute. L-O-V-E anyone?!


And last but not least, Kate Spade which remains true to her signature style. So girly.  I’m not sure if I see myself wearing any of these pieces (maybe that one with the pink coat..) but they sure are a treat to the eyes. I love colour especially when illustrating and Kate Spade never fails to deliver. Always a favourite!

There you go. Also, I am happy to announce that I have noticed a significant improvement in my productivity as an illustrator. Knowing that all the hard work and heartache are paying off, even in increments, are rewards in and of themselves and I often stop to just sort of revel in them because it means I continue to learn. And you could count on me being a voracious learner especially in my chosen creative field.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my artful renditions!



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