Oh Baby!

A bit different from the fashion inspired posts from ages ago 😀 Today, I feature Baptismal Invites. Did you have the slightest guess I do these (and many other requests) too? I’m always open to the idea of creating something that deviates from my usual. Gotta flex those muscles, if ya know what I mean? 😉 It can get nerve wracking at times but I always end up happy for deciding to take on these projects.

Anyway, allow me to share a few of ’em*.

Here’s one I had just recently finished. My client was pretty specific about how she wanted the invite to look – soft colours for the palette and a baby illustration. I played around with painting florals, (take a look at some of the sketches on my IG if you’re curious) and finally settled with one that was in line with the client’s chosen colour palette.


For the next two, I had full autonomy of the concepts. That was so much fun too!

For this one in particular, I wanted to move away from the stereotypical colour palette for boys and decided to go with pastel yellow. As for the illustration, my concept was to make it informative. I thought it was a good way for guests to learn more about the baby.


Lastly, this one was inspired by the anticipation I felt before my trip to Japan. My excitement wasn’t too obvious was it? Especially because we were scheduled to arrive during cherry blossom season! Oh my goodness!


What do guys think?

If you or anyone you know might be interested in commissioning me for these (or something else), do drop me a line at tinsytin@gmail.com. I’d be very happy to accommodate. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


* all invite information was made up to protect the privacy of my uber famous clients. just kidding! though I wish! 🙂

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