Daydream Believer

daydreamerbychristin_personal_watercolor_2017I can never say that I was an artistic child. But, I know for sure that I was a dreamer. I usually found myself in habitual reverie: creating stories in my head may it be of moments of joy, of adventure, of resilience, or of my longings to be this or that. It was something that I carried with me growing up.

However, when it was time to face the “real” world, I had to be “realistic” and was forced to shift my attention to what really mattered: how to make a living. I focused on that and along the way lost myself. Somehow, my practical approach to getting through life wasn’t doing me any good. Quarter-life crisis. It is real (read How I Started page to learn about my experience).

Fast forward to many years later, my starry-eyed daydreamer self resurfaced and brought me in pursuit of the arts. I remember feeling a strong desire to acquire the skills to draw and paint. Perhaps, I just wanted to make my mental images tangible. It usually consisted of scenarios that make me appreciate life in general (right now, I’m into fashion so that’s thrown in the mix).* So dreamy right? Yeah. If only it were that easy to translate into art… 😦

Since I had no skills nor talent for it, the learning process was brutal: both physically and mentally, most especially at the beginning. More often than not, I was crippled by a four letter word: F-E-A-R. Never fails to get in the way this one. I had to play motivational speaker to myself every freakin’ time it happens. Lol. If you look through the Inspiration category of this blog, you’ll see videos  and quotes that helped me get through it all. One quote in particular stood out and is now ingrained in my head – a powerful statement in just 5 words. It says,

“Die with memories, not dreams.”

That just about did it for me. I don’t know why we tend to forget the fact that our lives have an end. That we don’t have all the time in the world. If there’s anything we should be scared of, it’s wasting our lives doing nothing, in waiting for tomorrow, for next year to act on our longings. One day, we will wake up old and grey and there’ll be no way to turn back time and do the things we’ve wanted to do. Now, that’s scary.

So, I always try to live my life with the least amount of what if’s as possible. I still do get bogged down by fear but the above quote doesn’t fail to put things in perspective. It is a great reminder to: 1) live my dream as an artist through and through, 2) draw/paint my daydreams (finally!) with little to no hesitation (i try!).

As for you my friend, I hope you find your daydream and have the courage to follow it too. 😀

Cheers and thank you so much for reading!


*I have soooo many visions that I hope to create as I improve my craft. 🙂

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