Daydream Believer

daydreamerbychristin_personal_watercolor_2017I can never say that I was an artistic child. But, I know for sure that I was a dreamer. I usually found myself in habitual reverie: creating stories in my head may it be of moments of joy, of adventure, of resilience, or of my longings to be this or that. It was something that I carried with me growing up.

However, when it was time to face the “real” world, I had to be “realistic” and was forced to shift my attention to what really mattered: how to make a living. I focused on that and along the way lost myself. Somehow, my practical approach to getting through life wasn’t doing me any good. Quarter-life crisis. It is real (read How I Started page to learn about my experience).

Fast forward to many years later, my starry-eyed daydreamer self resurfaced and brought me in pursuit of the arts. I remember feeling a strong desire to acquire the skills to draw and paint. Perhaps, I just wanted to make my mental images tangible. It usually consisted of scenarios that make me appreciate life in general (right now, I’m into fashion so that’s thrown in the mix).* So dreamy right? Yeah. If only it were that easy to translate into art… 😦

Since I had no skills nor talent for it, the learning process was brutal: both physically and mentally, most especially at the beginning. More often than not, I was crippled by a four letter word: F-E-A-R. Never fails to get in the way this one. I had to play motivational speaker to myself every freakin’ time it happens. Lol. If you look through the Inspiration category of this blog, you’ll see videos  and quotes that helped me get through it all. One quote in particular stood out and is now ingrained in my head – a powerful statement in just 5 words. It says,

“Die with memories, not dreams.”

That just about did it for me. I don’t know why we tend to forget the fact that our lives have an end. That we don’t have all the time in the world. If there’s anything we should be scared of, it’s wasting our lives doing nothing, in waiting for tomorrow, for next year to act on our longings. One day, we will wake up old and grey and there’ll be no way to turn back time and do the things we’ve wanted to do. Now, that’s scary.

So, I always try to live my life with the least amount of what if’s as possible. I still do get bogged down by fear but the above quote doesn’t fail to put things in perspective. It is a great reminder to: 1) live my dream as an artist through and through, 2) draw/paint my daydreams (finally!) with little to no hesitation (i try!).

As for you my friend, I hope you find your daydream and have the courage to follow it too. 😀

Cheers and thank you so much for reading!


*I have soooo many visions that I hope to create as I improve my craft. 🙂

Oh Baby!

A bit different from the fashion inspired posts from ages ago 😀 Today, I feature Baptismal Invites. Did you have the slightest guess I do these (and many other requests) too? I’m always open to the idea of creating something that deviates from my usual. Gotta flex those muscles, if ya know what I mean? 😉 It can get nerve wracking at times but I always end up happy for deciding to take on these projects.

Anyway, allow me to share a few of ’em*.

Here’s one I had just recently finished. My client was pretty specific about how she wanted the invite to look – soft colours for the palette and a baby illustration. I played around with painting florals, (take a look at some of the sketches on my IG if you’re curious) and finally settled with one that was in line with the client’s chosen colour palette.


For the next two, I had full autonomy of the concepts. That was so much fun too!

For this one in particular, I wanted to move away from the stereotypical colour palette for boys and decided to go with pastel yellow. As for the illustration, my concept was to make it informative. I thought it was a good way for guests to learn more about the baby.


Lastly, this one was inspired by the anticipation I felt before my trip to Japan. My excitement wasn’t too obvious was it? Especially because we were scheduled to arrive during cherry blossom season! Oh my goodness!


What do guys think?

If you or anyone you know might be interested in commissioning me for these (or something else), do drop me a line at I’d be very happy to accommodate. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


* all invite information was made up to protect the privacy of my uber famous clients. just kidding! though I wish! 🙂

(Some) favourites from NYFW

There are always way too many outfits than my hands can illustrate. I wanted to keep on sketching but NYFW has been over for many days now and I don’t want this post to come out too late. So here we go.


I love the idea of sweaters or coats paired with soft, flowy skirts. This is so my style! Can I just go live in Hong kong or something? 😦


Simple and understated with a side of hipster, which is also very me (the real me) most days. Ok. Mine could be a tad too simple and understated. But I could totally see myself in these outfits. Don’t you? 😉


The monochromatic theme and bias cuts had me here. Simple yet sophisticated.


Much like Narciso, I love the asymmetrical cuts in these clothes. Add loose-fitting to the description and I am SOLD. I am in that phase where most of what I want to wear are easy and slightly baggy clothes that I can just throw on at the last minute. L-O-V-E anyone?!


And last but not least, Kate Spade which remains true to her signature style. So girly.  I’m not sure if I see myself wearing any of these pieces (maybe that one with the pink coat..) but they sure are a treat to the eyes. I love colour especially when illustrating and Kate Spade never fails to deliver. Always a favourite!

There you go. Also, I am happy to announce that I have noticed a significant improvement in my productivity as an illustrator. Knowing that all the hard work and heartache are paying off, even in increments, are rewards in and of themselves and I often stop to just sort of revel in them because it means I continue to learn. And you could count on me being a voracious learner especially in my chosen creative field.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my artful renditions!


Some favourites from PFW

Sharing with you a few illustrations that I managed to whip up from the recently concluded Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week – which are a measly few. I wish I had drawn more! So much talent, it was overwhelming really. Let’s start off the list with Balenciaga.

BalenciagaI love the ethereal vibe to the whole collection. The two outfits above in particular, I imagine wearing at home (or at my imaginary rest house). Or maybe even at the beach! Naturally, my illustration was inspired by exactly that – lazying about indoors with goodies in hand. So fancy!

Another favourite is Chanel, of course.


You can always count on Karl Lagerfeld to put up quite a show. This year was no different, air travel being the theme. I did like most of the clothes especially how he layered and combined his pieces. Wow. Loved the idea of caps worn backwards on classic tweedy skirt suits and skirts worn over trousers (??). A combination that I enjoyed, surprisingly.

Lastly, we have Giambatista Valli. There was more to this collection that I liked but I decided to draw just one look set in a season that has arrived in other countries. My favourite season and one that I can only enjoy in my head. Crap.

Giambattista Valli

What drew me to this look in particular was the beautifully tailored coat dress (?) paired with a thin fabric scarf around the neck. Love it. Though, legs were bare at the show, I couldn’t resist putting tights on her. I placed her in Autumn after all which I imagine isn’t very ‘bare’ friendly. The only time I’ve ever come close to experiencing it was in Hong kong and, no, bare legs was not an option especially with an outfit that short.

So, there goes my short recap. I hope you enjoyed my artful renditions! Happy Monday to all!


announcementHello to old followers (once again) and to new ones (I hope)! Welcome to my new and improved site! I am so thrilled to have finally cut the ribbon and let you in. How do you like the new layout? Clean and decluttered, you say? I thought so! I love it and am so psyched to fill this “sketchblog” (cleverly coined from its older sister – sketchbook. ;)) with my sketches, doodles, illustrations of things or ideas that happen to inspire me.

To be able to continue doing what I love to do, I have decided to put my work up for sale. Any sketch or illustration that I have posted and will be posting can be bought as 8″ x 10″ prints. So, if you happen to fall inlove with any of it, please don’t hesitate to make a purchase. Pretty please (with puppy dog eyes)??

Today’s illustration was inspired by one of my all-time favourite brands, Anthropologie. I love this brand to the moon and back and only have been able to admire it from afar and by that, I mean from photos and videos alone. Sigh. I am dreaaaming of owning one of their pieces someday, whenever that may be….


Buy this print and have it personalised with your own message!

Life Lately

And just like that, March is here and almost halfway through!

Yes, I cannot deny that this blog is being neglected. Here I am getting right to the point. And I’m not even going to provide any excuses. You probably have good reason to completely forget about me. BUT, not all is lost because….. we have Instagram! I mean, I do and I’m so much more active there, just because it’s too easy not to update. Follow me @christin_sytin to stand witness to my artistic explorations, and more. Tee hee!

Just to give you a clue, here are a few of my Instagram posts.

March lady

March means summer is arriving! Eek! I haven’t been diligent with getting in shape so I just painted an inspiration.

I have also started a B/W series of illustrations which is tremendously helping me warm up my hand. Keeps the pressure off.

ankle boots love

I just recently bought my first pair of ankle boots and couldn’t be happier.

boho chic

You know I have a hipster side (don’t you)?

There goes my preview. For more, follow @christin_sytin on Instagram.

Have a lovely weekend, dear readers!

Sweater Weather

sweater weather

…is still here! I’m so happy and enjoying every bit of it. Hence, the illustration above. As to be expected, she is indoors with a book in hand (she decided to laze about at the last minute). Too predictable of me huh?! What can I say? To me, this weather screams lounging on a beautifully designed swing/hammock wrapped up in my softest blankets. Hmmm… The only thing missing could be coffee actually.

Happy Friday to my dear readers (wherever you may be)!

I’m Back!!!

Didn’t think I was gonna be back, did you?! I know, it was a quite a hiatus and clearly inexcusable now that I think about it.

BUT just so you know, I never stopped drawing. I was drawing a good amount – the amount that made me want to pull my hair out often actually. It was a major STRUGGLE but well worth it, I gotta say! Ok, enough with the suspense.

What kept me busy for several months since my last post was this in-depth figure drawing course by Alien Think. If you are serious about learning how to draw people, I HIGHLY recommend that you take it. It’s not free but it’s well worth every penny.

He has a very effective teaching approach. VERY. Now, it can be a struggle (as I had mentioned) to go through the lessons because he’ll teach you how to draw every single bone and muscle in the human body but that’s the thing. It is the key to being able to draw a realistic, believable human figure. I’m all praises for this guy and am so grateful for coming across his course. So, I just want to share with you all to show just how much I appreciate him taking the time to make it.

Now, here are some sketches I did while going through his tutorials


First thing on the list was learning the core structure of the human body. Not so bad.

skeleton 2

Just one of the many skeletal studies (a.k.a the beginning of frustration)

skeleton 3

Inserting movement in my skeleton with arm and hand studies (my patience was tested.)

muscles 1

Muscles time proved to be even more frustrating (pulling my hair out).

muscles 2

At this stage, I was considering the thought of giving up. Just the thought! 😀

figures 1

Full figure with muscles intact and a break 🙂


Time for gestures

gesture 2 gesture 3

Here is the site I go to when I want to do gesture drawings. Super helpful.

So, I may be far from being a pro but I did notice a significant improvement in my drawings as well as the time it takes me to draw. Achievement unlocked! Yay!